Tema Sall

About Tema Sall

Tema is an LA native, straight outta Toluca Lake. At the age of 7, she found her second home onstage in the spotlight, taking true form as an entertainer. An Indiana University alum, Tema took on stand up comedy her senior year at The Comedy Attic (previously The Funny Bone) in Bloomington, Indiana. Her background in theatre, shakespeare and musical theatre play influence into her stand up comedy act, bringing spectacle to life. Entertaining a crowd of friends and strangers is what she loves and does best.

Tema began building her entertainment foundation in October 2009. She has experience working on different TV & Film productions in multiple capacities. At the end of the day, she is most passionate about performing and entertaining. Tema is a member of SAG-AFTRA. 

In October 2016, Tema bought a ukulele and began writing original musical comedy songs. As an alternative style of comedy, Tema enjoys incorporating "Yuki Ono" into her routines. She has 10 originally written songs, including a music video for her original song "Chronica." 

Tema is the producer of “Top Shelf: The 420 Friendly Comedy Show” and co-producer of the show "PANTS," a monthly all female comedy show highlighting the funniest women in the biz. “Top Shelf” is currently running every Thursday at Alana’s Coffee Roasters in Mar Vista, CA. The next “PANTS” is Tuesday, August 13th at The Standard, Downtown LA. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

Stay tuned for the podcast debut of “Sall Good” with Tema Sall at the end of July 2019!

For show dates and details, visit Tema’s calendar to see when she’ll be performing near you!

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